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Businesses need reliable IT support services as business priorities change quickly in a dynamic environment. EverGreen Business Solutions provides customized IT support outsourcing services that ensure the optimum functioning of your IT systems and provide complete support for your IT needs.

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How it work Evergreen Business
We offer a wide range of successful software products and fully customized software solutions for risk management and surveillance of digital marketing globally.
how it work Adapting To The Fast
Moving Digital World
We help businesses reimagine how they bring together people, data, and processes to create value for their customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.
how it work Improving Everyday
Our business research includes marketing scope, product research, and competitive analysis. At EverGreen Business Solutions, we design, develop, implement, and monitor qualitative market research sessions.
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About Us

Welcome to EverGreen Business Solution

EverGreen Business Solutions is focused on offering our partners and clients modern cutting-edge technology and services. Our offerings include online transaction monitoring, surveillance, analysis, and mitigation of risk measures, as well as research on contemporary issues in the marketing sector.

  • On Time And On Budget

    We determine the scope of the project, create a budget and timeline, and once they are approved, we stick to them.

  • Broad Experience

    We have worked with almost all types of major industries, ranging from small startups to big companies as well.


What service we are providing?

EverGreen Business Solutions offers a wide range of consulting services as well as fully outsourced risk management and surveillance of trading operations to all sorts of businesses. We leverage our analytics expertise, rich industry knowledge, domain expertise, and custom-built proprietary frameworks to deliver comprehensive solutions.


A Software that does Everything! Billing, Barcoding, Inventory Management, Accounting & Other Retail Operations!

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We can help customers not only to have a website but also to meet the needs of both you and your target clients.

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we create highly functional and top quality iOS & Android mobile apps to meet all your business needs.

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It is very useful for easing administrative hassles, enhancing efficiency and productivity, and managing various school activities.

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Connecting devices and sensors to the internet saves energy, boosts productivity, and unleashes new revenue streams.

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The EGBS site includes everything you need to set up your online store and sell online. Additionally, we develop our own websites.

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No matter what your need is, whether it's related to business, study, medical, or finance, you can get the advice you need from experts.

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If you own a business and have ambitious growth goals, we can help you measurably improve your marketing performance and generate more leads.

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A learning management system handles all aspects of the learning process. It's where you house, deliver, and track your training content.

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An Assessment Management System is essentially technology leveraged to assess what a learner has learned through different types of questions.

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Preparing for your business success with IT solutions

Our services help our clients design, transform, and run advanced operating models to combat volatility, control costs, manage risk, and enable growth. Our intelligent operations drive greater efficiency, effectiveness, and governance, making our clients' businesses more competitive and agile.


Our latest portfolio for your business

The speed of business is faster than ever before because that's what our clients expect. Simultaneously, every business is evolving into a digital business, hindered by growing IT complexity such as new data sources, business models, and threats. Adapting is crucial to staying competitive. Our provided services hinge on being flexible and constantly staying ahead of what's next.

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Why Choose Us

Some of reason for choose our IT solutions

There are many advantages to choosing our IT solutions; however, many business owners can overlook these advantages when faced with the initial cost of the development process.

  • Supreme in Quality
  • Best in Choice
  • Return of Invest
How It works

Check out our work process



Understanding the vision, aligning expectations with primary goals, and answering the questions of who, why, what, and where.


Request a Meeting

Discussions lay the groundwork for research and analysis and begin the documentation of the project's effects.



Tasks are divided into units or modules, assigned to developers, ensuring efficient collaboration and effective code development.


Test & Launch

Evaluating the Quality of software with testers and launching the Software with Support for Future revision.

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